3 Signs You May Need Therapy

By Dating.com Group March 20, 2019

It’s ok to get help when you need it, but how do you know if you do?


Here are 3 signs you may need help:


1) You’re mental state feels like it’s only getting worse over time.

Everyone has ups and downs, but if you feel like you’re on a downward spiral, it may be time to get help.


2) You keep engaging in the same self-destructive behavior.

Whether it’s drinking, drugs, risky situations, self-harm, or anything else that’s damaging, if you can’t stop those behaviors despite experiencing negative consequences, you should consider getting help.


3) People around you are concerned and suggest you get help.

It’s not always the easiest thing to hear, but if those who truly love and care about you are suggesting that you seek out professional attention, maybe you should.


It’s ok to need help. Crisis Text Line can help connect you to the resources you need.

Get free help now: Text CONNECT to 741741 in the United States.


Stay positive!