3 Sad Facts About Sex Ed in The US

By Dating.com Group January 14, 2020

There is currently no standardized curriculum for sexual education in the United States. Depending on local politics in the school district, students may receive abstinence-only education, they may get very up-to-date materials that take consent and gender identity into account, or they may be exposed to anything beyond or in-between. They may even receive zero sexual education, because most states still do not require that it be taught in schools.



There is concrete data that shows that abstinence-only sex ed is ineffective, as it fails to reduce teen pregnancy or STI transmissions. But today’s highly polarized political climate doesn’t offer the most promising outlook for the future of comprehensive, inclusive, and standardized sex ed.



It’s been proven that abstinence is not effective at improving STI and teen pregnancy rates. Yet, due many times in part to religious local emphasis, abstinence is taught as the main method of birth control.





Let that soak in for a second. That means in 33 states, local school districts are not being forced to teach scientific and medically accurate sex ed.






Not to say there aren’t gym teachers out there who care and do a good job at this, but why is PE the place to learn about this? In California, many districts rely on traveling sex ed instructors who travel from school to school and teach sex ed for 2-4 week periods before moving on.


What was your sex ed like?

Stay sex positive!