3 Sad but Sane Reasons to Break Up

By Dating Positives April 05, 2019

Breakups aren’t always the result of a major betrayal.


Sometimes breakups happen because it’s the sanest thing for one or all individuals involved.


That doesn’t make it easy, but it offers some perspective.


Here are 3 sad but sane reasons some people decide to call it quits.


#1. Distance

Not everyone is down for the whole LDR thing, especially if there’s no end in sight.

Long distance is hard!


#2. Incompatible Life Goals

This is a mature reason to split that will likely prevent dramatic heartbreak down the line. Anyone who’s ever been in a “serious” relationship – with the hope of legally binding all of your assets and maybe even having kids – knows that it’s important for everyone to be on the same page in terms of life goals.


It’s sad when this happens. But just because someone isn’t the right fit for a serious relationship doesn’t mean they can’t be the right fit for some casual fun 🙂


#3. Major Life Event / Crisis

Maybe someone close has died, maybe a terminal diagnosis has been made. Whatever the thing, sometimes when huge life events happen, people need time and space to heal. This may involve breaking off or pausing a relationship in order to tend to immediate needs.


As difficult as breakups can be, simply being able to understand the reasons behind a breakup makes it more likely that a friendship, or even a relationship, will be possible in the future.