19 Critical Sex Ed Topics According To The Federal Government

By Dating.com Group September 06, 2019

Available to read online, this 2016 list of critical sex ed topics from the CDC are surprisingly current, yet notably absent from many schools across the US.


Let’s take a deep dive into this list!



1_Communication and negotiation skills
Hmm. Does that mean consent and pleasure? Negotiation is an interesting word choice, too.



2_Goal-setting and decision-making skills
The frontal cortex, a big component of our critical thinking skills, aren’t fully developed when we’re still in school. So how do you teach kids to be better at making decisions? Maybe just talking about taboo topics and de-stigmatizing stuff?



3_How to create and sustain healthy and respectful relationships
Interesting. Do tell…



4_Influences of family, peers, media, technology and other factors on sexual risk behavior

Sounds like some college level critical theory!



5_Preventive care that is necessary to maintain reproductive and sexual health 

Yeah, like getting tested for STIs on a regular basis!



6_Influencing and supporting others to avoid or reduce sexual risk behaviors 

Sharing is caring.



7_Benefits of being sexually abstinent 

Hmmm…what about the benefits of being sexually active?



8_Efficacy of condoms 



9_Importance of using condoms consistently and correctly 



10_Importance of using a condom at the same time as another form of contraception to prevent both STDs and pregnancy 



11_How to obtain condoms




12_How to correctly use a condom

Is a banana involved?



13_Methods of contraception other than condoms



14_How to access valid and reliable information, products and services related to HIV, STDs, and pregnancy



15_How HIV and other STDs are transmitted



16_Health consequences of HIV, other STDs and pregnancy



17_Importance of limiting the number of sexual partners




18_Sexual Orientation

Yes. Hopefully any section about sexual orientation would include real queer, trans, and non-binary folk talking to kids and letting them know they’re not alone.



19_Gender roles, gender identity or gender expression

Surprising yet hopeful that this is on a list created by a federal agency. There should be more talk about the variety of gender roles that exist. There needs to be recognition that people can also choose to live outside the gender constructs, as many non-binary people do.



There you have it: the 19 critical sex ed topics according to the CDC.



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